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Customer Care Center

At Quest Auto Center, customer service is put at a premium.  In all industries, service is declining due to an extreme focus on cost controls rather than customer service; at Quest, the reverse is the case.  We believe in taking care of our clients by providing a level of service yet to be seen in our service area. When receiving services from us, you can count on:
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Going above and beyond
• Excellence
• Follow up
• Consistency

Quest Auto brings innovation to the maintenance industry with a dedication to superior customer service along with:
- A strong and unique brand with finely-honed operating systems
- Challenging service procedures that clearly distinguish Quest from its competition.
- A market concentration in Nigeria and Ghana, with a one-stop-shop concept that combines an array of automobile-related core offerings to achieve a fast, efficient and competitively-priced delivery of select products and services
- Planned leverage of the full range of products and services in the BG Products lineup in a mutually-beneficial partnership will yield unprecedented market domination and revenue generation for Quest Auto and BG products.

We perform at a consistently higher level than our competitors; the mark of a true professional.  Professionalism has nothing to do with getting paid for the services provided but has everything to do with the quality of our service and knowing we did the right thing as an organization.
At quest you have two choices: Pay now for quality or pay later elsewhere for the lack of it.

 “Setting the Standard  isn’t just a slogan, it is derived from our belief in educating and servicing the consumer to a degree that is unmatched by our competitors.  We want to be the obvious choice and we have put in an enormous amount of resources through research, development investment and re-investment to achieve that goal." - Morolake Igbekoyi, Marketing Director

Quest Auto Center