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Store Information
What are the Quest hours of operation?
To find out the exact hours of operation for your local Quest Auto Center, use the Location link at the top of every page.

Where is the nearest Quest location?
You can quickly locate a Quest Location near you by clicking on the "Our Location" link at the top of every screen. Alternatively, contact us by phone; if a location is far from you, a mobile truck may be close by.

Customer Service
How can I obtain a copy of my Quest service records?
Simply e-mail us and we'll locate and send your Quest Auto Center records to you.

How Do I Establish a Fleet account?
To access information on Fleet accounts, please visit the Fleet Management page. We have a comprehensive Fleet Service program that can help you keep your vehicles on the road and your drivers productive.

Whom do I contact to obtain information about becoming a Quest franchisee?
To find out more about joining the Quest Auto team, please visit the "become a franchise" page, or call (240) 898-6321 (USA Office) or 0819 153 5833 (Nigerian office)

How can I contact Quest Auto International?
If you'd like to contact Quest Auto International simply write, call or fill out the customer service form. If your communication requires a response, a Quest customer service representative will contact you within two to four business days.
Quest Auto LLC
5850 Waterloo Road,
Columbia MD, 21045

Automotive Service
What can I expect from my visit?
When you visit a Quest, you can expect to receive high quality automotive services performed by Quest certified technicians at an exceptional value.
What are Quest Auto service recommendations based on?
The majority of Quest's service recommendations are based on your owner’s manual.
Don't I need to go to my dealer to maintain my warranty?
No. While automakers are using stronger language when speaking to vehicle maintenance, the term “Requirement” generally refers to regular maintenance as designated by the owner’s manual. However, who does the service is not a determining factor. When Quest performs automotive maintenance, we follow the exact stipulations set forth by the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is important to note that manufacturers warranties do vary. Please consult your manufacturer to confirm.
How do I decide whether to use conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil?
Please consult your owner’s manual. Be sure to match the specification listed in your owner’s manual to that listed on the container of the motor oil. The name or type of motor oil (conventional, synthetic, or synthetic blend) is incidental to meeting this specification.
How much is an oil change at Quest and what does it involve?
The cost of Quest's performance Oil Change varies depending upon your vehicle type and the prices vary across locations visited on specific services. Please contact your local Quest lube bay or customer service representative to find out the exact pricing. For contact information, use the contact us link at the top of every page.