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Our Products

Quest has its own brand of high quality auto products. Our lubricants go hand in hand with our service offerings and are self promoting. We currently have 25 different kinds of Quest Auto lubricants and another 28 lubricant products that can be marketed to non automotive industries. 

We have the ability to:
•  Supply 53 different Quest Lubricants
• 35 different sized Quest Automotive Batteries.

Quest Lubricants are subdivided into 5 main categories which are:

Industrial Lubricants:
- AW Hydraulics, R&O, Morgan approved Circulating Oils, EP Gear Oils, Gear Oil, Hydraulic, Metalworking, Fire Resistant, Greases, Engine Oils, Process, and Specialty.
- Water Glycols, Rust Preventatives

Metal working Fluids:
- Soluble Oils, Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Fluids, and Cutting Fluids.
Engine Oils, PCMO & HDD:
- API Licensed 15W40, 20W50, 5W30, 10W30 and Synthetics.
Transmission Fluids:
- Licensed Dexron VI, Multi-purpose, Multi-Vehicle, Tractor Fluid, TO-4, and Automotive Gear Oils.
- GL-5 and MT-1 80W90 & 85W140, Synthetic 75W90, and 75W140

- Lithium, Lithium Complex, Calcium, and Steel Mill Grease
Automotive Batteries:
- JIS, DIN, Inverter (UPS), MF Calcium

Specialty Product Lines:
Quest Auto Circulating Oil 460SD
- Exceptional results in demulsibility, oxidation control and foam control.
Quest Auto SHL Gear and Bearing Oils
- Completely PAO Synthetic
- Test results better than or at the least equal to competitive products.
Quest Auto Synthetic EP Gear Oils
- Completely PAO Synthetic

A Full line of Group III, IV Base Oils (PAO) are available for blending synthetic products.

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